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Abstract. The fall in the level of the Caspian Sea in recent years has a serious impact on the infrastructure of the coastal zone. The presented article is devoted to the study of the identification and dynamics of the coastal zo­ne and the coastline of the Absheron subregion of the Cas­pian Sea, zones of influence of geomorphological pro­cesses and quantitative indicators for 1986 and 2019 using Landsat MSS, OLI satellite images. Satellite ima­ges were also developed with the appropriate software, and the accretion, field stability, and erosion processes in the study area were quantified using various semi-auto­ma­tic methods ((Tasseled Cap (Bright­ness, Wetness, Greenness) and DSAS-Digital Shoreline Analysis System)). The results are presented in the form of maps and tables, graphically showing the changes occurring in the coastal zone as a result of falling sea level.

Keywords: morphology, coastline, dynamic, satelli­te image, remote sensing, abrasion, accumulation.



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Publication Date: October 5, 2021

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