Geography and Natural Resources


Z.T.Imrani, N.R.Jafarova

Institute of Geography named after acad. H.A.Aliyev of ANAS,

AZ1148, Baku, Azerbaijan

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The provision of material and social needs of the population in the mo­untain rural areas is mainly satisfied at the expense of local natural resources and available opportunities. Use of tourism and recreational resources serve as one of the main sources of employment for mountain regions of developed countries. Because of the structural constraints in production, difficulties in providing employment in the mountainous regions, combined with the un­fa­vorable demographic processes, aggravates the situation. One of the priority directions to eliminate these problems is the creation of tourism facilities using local opportunities: climatic conditions, landscapes, forest resources, mineral and thermal waters of therapeutic value etc. This study was carried out with considering the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the state programs on de­velopment, national statistics, fund materials collected in various research ins­ti­tutions, relevant literature, and results of other conducted researches, and through historical and comparative analysis, complex approach, statistical, mathematical and cartographic methods, and GIS technologies.

Keywords: Guba, Gusar, natural tourism resources, tourism potential ,tourism infrastructure, mountain villages, socioeconomic development



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Publication Date : January 27, 2020

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